Don’t Quote Slaveowners on America’s Inclusiveness

Your response — and thank you for it — is completely understandable from a certain perspective. I especially love your closing sentence and fully share its sentiment. If you expect Mrs. Clinton to be in tune with our perspective, there’s a famous bridge in New York you can buy from me. Yet I’m pretty sure you give her more credit than you reveal in this piece of writing…

After reading her entire piece, it seems to me that her GW reference can be filed under P for pandering. When I write, I write for a specific audience. We can imagine that Clinton is writing for those who are automatically disloyal to the snack-food at issue, yet spent much of their childhood in a school. All of us who attended school in the USA — with very few exceptions — were given the kind of “doctored” information that leads gullible children to believe their nation is great because it was formed out of great idealism by great (white) men who claimed they wanted power to be shared among the general populace. Clinton would know that at least some of her readers are still trapped in the many and complicated ideologies surrounding the notion of “Founding Fathers” and “Pilgrims”. I grew up in New England, mostly Boston, where it’s difficult to escape romanticised, alternative facts regarding the Early Settlers, the Minutemen and the first Constitutional Congress. The fact that Native People were routinely and brutally slaughtered by these brutes or that many of them held Black slaves was rarely part of the equation. I think you might consider that Clinton may have been pandering to this group, which is everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving. That’s a lot of people. She thought it would be a good teaching moment, and even if she had considered somebody like you or me as part of her readership, she may still have gone with that, for obvious reasons.

My personal ray of hope in these devastatingly dishonest times is that the highly unpredictable Cheetoh Commander has brought many institutionalised crimes against humanity (and against humanity’s only environment) to the fore, parading his considerable network of cronies and helpers in the media, in government, in business and even in international crime before us all. We now have names, faces and stories in full view that we didn’t have before (only @sarahkendzior did :). Let’s join #resist and make use of the information Trump’s rise has given us in its otherwise damaging wake. This medium is just as effective as another and we all need to choose our own path toward a common goal: to reinstate progress via individuals and institutions who dedicate themselves to peace and mindfulness. It is only within such a construct that inclusion, integration and acceptance of the other can grow and thrive. Obliterating racist notions, racial profiling or institutional racism is taking longer than we’d hoped, but no longer than can be reasonably expected. And there has never been a better time to keep up the pressure. I’m also tired of still fighting for this shit, but I won’t give up and neither will you.

Knights of yore were convinced they needed their armour to prevail in battle. They were defeated. Marching, chanting, goose-stepping hordes were convinced they would prevail in battle. They were defeated. Today’s evildoers cover themselves with money and misappropriate hordes of social and mass media channels. They, too, will be defeated, for the simple reasons that love trumps hate plus we have each other’s back.

By the way: I like your test questions and especially your exhortation to use them as a means for self-reflection. Racism and the resulting injustices are, indeed, real and ubiquitous. And, as @deray has pointed out, even the Sun is pro-black.

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