Concertgoers sharing their experience.

Recently my team and I made three thirty-second films for a client. These three films were then adapted into 361 deliverables for various mobile and social media formats, as well as broadcast media. One-by-one formats for Instagram. Boomerang and loop cuts, 5 second teaser, 10 second pre-roll, 15 second bitesize cutdowns, product cuts for specific interests, Instagram carousels. The list goes on. On top of that, these versions needed to be adapted for different markets.

This was the product of a mobile-first brief, where creative development and production was designed around the demands of mobile and social media. …


Throughout my career in advertising I’ve decided to go freelance twice. This is the second time and this time I’m not sure if I’m going back to permanent employment ever again. The big difference this time being that I’ve taken it much more seriously and considered it more as a business than a way to find full time job. I thought I’d sum up some stuff I’ve come to realize over the years of freelancing. Some of it might be old news to you, other things might be helpful, I don’t know. …

Nils-Petter Lövgren

The everyday observation. The odd article.

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