npm weekly #116: 12+ billion packages downloaded every month, npm at NodeConf EU, plus a very revealing npm thread!

Over 12 billion packages downloaded every 28 days!

Chart and/or stats fans, it’s that time again!

Laurie Voss recently tweeted that y’all are downloading over 12 billion packages every 28 days! Keep up the good work everyone.

We’ll be at NodeConf EU, will you?

The European Node Family reunion, a.k.a. NodeConf EU, wouldn’t be complete without npm! Rebecca Turner will be there to talk about npm throughout the ages (and even into the future!). Tickets are scarce but you can still snag one if you hurry.

NEW: npm, 2FA, and Authy

Late last week, the folks at Authy published a step by step tutorial to secure your npm account using Authy and our new two-factor authentication feature. You’ll want to read through the tutorial for the surprise twist–spoiler alert–it’s a QR code! What!? Author Phil Nash also includes loads of screenshots, making this tutorial very helpful for securing your stuff.

npm at ThunderPlains next month

ThunderPlains is hands down one of the very best run JavaScript conferences in the industry, so you bet we’ll be there next month. npm COO Laurie Voss will be presenting on scaling, the imaginary problem keeping many of you up at night. Get your ticket before they sell out!

Hey, we got a shout out on the Reactive Podcast!

Okay, so maybe we occasionally get shout outs from the folks at Reactive Podcast since npm human Raquel Vélezis one of the hosts. Even so, this shout out was in response to our announcement from last week about the release of two-factor authentication for npm.

You should listen to Raquel and hosts Henning Glatter-Götz and Kahlil Lechelt in last week’s episode.

Introducing #NodeMinds

We got the chance to break bread with the members of #NodeMinds during their inaugural huddle last Thursday at Node.js Interactive North America in Vancouver. Recapping that meeting, Kevin J. Allen posted some of the group’s initial thoughts in a post: #NodeMinds: Care and Feeding of the Node.js Ecosystem. Read the post for more information and learn how to get involved.

True things that not everyone knows about npm: A thread

If you’re the type to scroll through social media and click on those fun listicles with titles like “3 Oceans That Have Been on TV”, then you’re going to love this thread, “True things that not everyone knows about npm” from Laurie.

Want some free socks? You know you do!

If you’re an org owner or admin, we want to hear from you! We’re doing some user testing to figure out how to make npm better, so if you have 15–20 minutes open in the near future, let us know!

Send Jerry Gabra an email to get started. Later, we’ll reward you with only the finest in wombat socks.

What we’re reading: New study finds “staying longer at home” was key to stone age technology change 60,000 years ago

We’re really trying to drive the whole work/life balance and also maybe remote-work-culture-thing home here. It’s basically science, since this study from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa shows that even as recently as 58,000 years ago, people were “‘homebodies’ who preferred to collect the raw materials they needed from close to their camp.”

Shoutout to homebodies in 2017!

We are happy to report puppies are the best cure for conference anxiety

Here’s another puppy photo from Node Interactive last week. If you haven’t done so yet, check out the Pacific Assistance Dogs (PADS) site and donate to help support their Assistance Dogs training program!



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