npm weekly #117: Security and the npm Registry, 600 million downloads in one day, we’re hiring again × 2!

VIDEO: Security & the npm Registry

Earlier this month, npm CTO CJ Silverio spoke at Node.js Interactive North America on how the npm Registry handles security.

If you’re curious about how publishing actually works or want to know how npm keeps users secure from malware, check out the video to get the inside scoop.

We’re hiring!

The marketing team is growing again! We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Manager. Are you a creative, organized, and versatile generalist interested in helping spread the word and drive adoption of npm’s products and services?

If so, let’s talk! Check out the posting and reach out.

Perl-inspired Node.js modules

Last week, Rebecca Turner released 4 Perl-inspired Node.js modules: @perl/qr, which gives you better regular expression literals; @perl/qw, which autosplits strings into arrays; @perl/qx, which captures output from local commands; and @perl/system, which runs commands easily when you don’t care about output. Collect all four!

What we’re reading: One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end

This 12-minute read from Mike Monteiro captures Twitter’s parallel history and pinpoints several critical moments that shaped contemporary Twitter.

Holy smokes! npm users downloaded 600 million packages in just one day

Last week, Laurie Voss shared that in just one day npm users downloaded 603,848,163 packages. The downloads peaked at 30,000 downloads per second at primetime on Wednesday. Great work, everyone!

We’re hiring, part 2, electric boogaloo

We’re also looking for a VP of Sales! If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and experience selling software, we want to hear from you. You’ll be in charge of showing the world how npm’s products can make developers faster, happier, and more productive, generating real business value by reducing friction.

Take a look at the full details and get in touch!

Wish you could run `npm info` for multiple packages at the same time?

Andrew Goode built exactly what you’ve been looking for! nfo is a module that “executes `npm info` against multiple packages all together.” Install it and start comparing field values across packages.

We’re still giving out free socks!

We’re still looking for org owners and admins to help us make npm better. If you have 15–20 minutes open in the near future, let us know. Afterward, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with wombat socks!

Send Jerry Gabra an email to get started.

Dispatch from the Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary down under

Here’s great tale of the good work that they do at Sleepy Burrows, home of Teacup, npm’s mascot-in-the-flesh: “Wombat Cleopatra now loves her grass (she was a dumped pet who ate dog food initially so this is a great improvement for her). Still flabby when she runs but we are working on that as she now loves being outside too, another plus for her. Still working on convincing her that dirt is a great thing!”

Get free socks! Just fix some bugs.

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