npm weekly #118: npm featured in Increment, 3.3 billion packages in just one week, plus an update on Teacup!

Isaac interviewed by Increment Magazine

Isaac Schlueter recently appeared in Increment in an interview by Glenn Fleishman. Isaac describes how the registry came to be, the npm company culture, and how the team strives to live out their values of sustainability and inclusion. If that type of environment interests you, check out our current job openings.

We’re hiring!

The marketing team is growing again! We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Manager. Are you a creative, organized, and versatile generalist interested in helping spread the word and drive adoption of npm’s products and services?

If so, let’s talk! Check out the posting and reach out.

npm goes to JS Kongress

In just three weeks, Ashley Williamswill be in Munich, Germany to speak at JS Kongress. Tickets are still available, so grab one before they’re gone and see Ashley’s keynote IRL.

What we’re reading: What Would Happen If There Were No Number 6?

Posts from FiveThirtyEight’s Science Question From A Toddler typically start out lighthearted but quickly go deeper, taking devastating and hilarious turns. This recent edition, What Would Happen If There Were No Number 6?, is no exception. Give it a read!

Bookmark this: Bootstrapping Inclusion

Jason Wong recently began a series of posts detailing his approach to diversity and inclusion on tech teams ranging in size from 5 people to thirty. This isn’t just a tech memoir; he provides a clear vision, mission, and strategies for effecting change. You’re going to want to bookmark this: Bootstrapping Inclusion.

Yargs version 10.0.0 is here!

Ahoy! (Sorry, it’s too hard to resist). Just last week, Yargs released version 10.0.0, which adds a new .positional() method, allows you to use usage() to configure a default command, plus a few bug fixes. See what you can do with Yargs by heading over to their blog.

Hey Glengarry Glen Ross fans

We’re looking for a VP of Sales! If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and experience selling software, we want to hear from you. You’ll be in charge of showing the world how npm’s products can make developers faster, happier, and more productive, generating real business value by reducing friction.

Take a look at the full details and get in touch!

Try a thing and get free socks!

We’re looking for package authors who regularly work with collaborators to help us make npm even better. If you have 15–20 minutes open in the near future, let us know. Afterward, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with wombat socks!

Send Jerry Gabra an email to get started.

UPDATE: Our wombat, Teacup, is growing fast

In case you missed it, we adopted a wombat joey earlier this year from Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary in New South Wales, Australia. We’re happy to report that Teacup is steadily growing, and even though she’s not quite ready to play with the other wombats yet, she will be soon enough! For more about Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary (plus cute wombat videos) check out their Facebook page.

Get free socks! Just fix some bugs.

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