Plateau, Nigeria’s treasure

The N-Power Monitoring Team arrived in Jos, Plateau on Sunday, July 16th, 2017.

First, the team visited the Primary Health Center in Bukuru, Jos. Here we met James Francis, a graduate of Chemistry from the University of Jos. On the advice of the State Focal Person, Hajia Sumaye, James opened a Trust Fund account where he saves 12,000 Naira monthly towards commencing his Post-Graduate Degree. He feels especially fulfilled that he gets to render his services in the Primary Health Center where he and his siblings were born.

James Francis

Next, the Monitoring Team visited the Nomadic Primary School Mandarken, in Bokkos LGA. The stories here made us tear up a little. We met Mwanjel Alfred, an N-Teach volunteer posted alongside two other N-Power volunteers. Alfred introduced a Peace club to promote religious tolerance amongst the kids, teaching them how to co-exist peaceably

His actions are helping to build the bonds of unity and foster peace in a community that sometimes experience clashes.

Mwanjel Alfred

Next, the team met Samuel Dapil, a visually impaired N-Teach volunterr deployed to Gindiri Material Center for the Visually Impaired in Mangu, LGA. The Institute coordinator commended his immeasurable contributions to the school. Dapil is a Braille Expert for Mathematics and Sciences, a very scarce resource in Nigeria. Samuel has been visually impaired since the automobile accident that took both his parents’ lives at two. He heard about N-Power through a mentor who is also visually impaired.

Samuel Dapil

We observed Dapil teaching his visually impaired Class 4 students, geometry. The institute is supported by Missionaries and require a lot more support for updated ICT equipment.

Next, we met Dabi Edward, an N-Teach volunteer who chose to reside in his rural community. He imparts knowledge at the school but with his stipend, bought bags of irish potato seed planted and would be ready for harvest in a few weeks. He currently employs his immediate family and neighbours in te community who work on the farm when he attends to his N-Teach assignment during the day.

Edward has also purchased a young calf that he nurtures and plans to sell by Christmas. He leased 2.4 Hectares from the joint FG/State farm land for rice farming.

Plateau N-Power volunteers, well done!!! Thank you for all that you do to impact your communities. We are very proud of you.

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