The Hadeija Story

Hadejia is home to one of the oldest schools in the northern region in Nigeria. Its rich academic history is evident in the Abdulkadir Pilot Special Primary School, established in 1924. Our monitoring team, visited Hadejia, Local Government Area in Jigawa State on Thursday, May 18th, 2017. It was an amazing experience. It is no surprise that Hadejia has the largest N-Power Volunteer Corps members in the State.

Roll call of Head Teachers at the Abdulkadir Pilot Special Primary School since 1924

We visited the schools in the Local Government Area and we got a chance to speak to the pupils, n-power volunteers, the executives from the local government and members of the community. The volunteers with a lot enthusiasm expressed their internal struggles in ensuring that they are giving the best version of themselves to their pupils. For the community, some of whom had children or siblings enrolled in the programme, they expressed their appreciation for the hope and pride which the opportunity had restored to their homes.

Proud dad (Hadeija LG Education Secretary and Daughter (N-Power Teach Volunteer)

Our children, the pupils, were in very high spirits and they weren’t seeking permission to express it.

Such Joy!

Two Lessons from Hadejia

· I am. We are. If you empower a person (or in this case, N-Power), you empower a family and a community. Nobody or community can and should be left behind in the Nigeria story.

· Our young people are yearning to do more and to give more of themselves. For most of them, all they need is the ‘permission’ to be and do more.