Transcribed Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede — NPower FAQs

Non-Graduate 2016 Applicants

Let me start by speaking first with the Non-graduate program. In 2016, the application process opened June last year, June 12, 2016 which ran through August 31st 2016 and we had applications for both the graduate program and the non-graduate program. So I know a lot of you who applied for various components under the non-graduate program, you’ve been asking the questions: “Has the Federal Government forgotten us? You’ve not said anything about us, when are you going to deploy us?” We’ve seen a lot, we’ve heard you, we’ve heard your questions and this evening I’ll try to provide a few answers.

We will start deploying you from the month of August by the grace of God, the plan is really to deploy you in batches, so we’ll start by deploying some of you, especially those of you who applied to N-Power Build, we’ll start deploying you from the month of August in batches, and then obviously we’ll also, soon enough, also come to those of you who applied to the hardware, software and creative. So my message to you this evening is stay tuned to this channel, and we’ll give you more details, and we will also contact you, we have your details, we’ll contact you as we deploy you in batches but we will give more information in the next few weeks regarding that.

2016 Beneficiaries — Payment

One thing we must make clear, is this program was designed such that you as beneficiaries will also be in full control of every aspect of this program, by that I mean your payment will come directly to your bank account, and that was the reason why during application we had asked you for your BVN number and then at the point of pre-selection, we then asked you all to provide your bank account details, now at that point when we were going to commence payment in December, we needed to do validation to ensure that we are paying the right person who has applied , remember that technology as much as it’s a big enabler also got its drawbacks which means that if someone steals your identity they could disguise to be you and also start collecting what is meant for you. So that was the essence of having a physical verification immediately after you were preselected and I know that a lot of States started verification in December and that process extended verification round up until about March for a lot of you in a lot of state.

Now the essence of physical verification was to physically verify you just like the word means, you all were to have assembled in your various local government secretariat, with our partners in National Orientation Agency and NYSC who worked with us to physically verify you. You were verified against your age to be sure you were still between the ages of 18–35 as at December 31, 2016, you were verified against your qualification to be sure that you are really a graduate that you said you are and then of cause you were verified against your NYSC discharge certificate because again this is an employability enhancement program so everyone of you must be ready to go into the labor market, so hence, NYSC discharge certificate is important, let me note however that those of you who have OND and NCE clearly that, you are exempted from that.

Now the next big thing is you were verified to be sure that you reside in that community this is a program where we deployed you based on your state of residence, your community because it is a program that you are supposed to contribute to the development of your community. So it was important that if I say I live in Gwarinpa in Abuja, that you show an ID card or a student card or something that says that you live in that area, and the last but not the least is you were verified against employment, if you are employed because again this is for unemployed graduate, so if you were employed clearly you will be disqualified. That was the essence of the physical verification, now after the physical verification, if you are successful you are qualified, that’s what we mean by qualified, if you are not successful you are disqualified.

So amongst the 200,000 of you that we deployed across state, as at now, as at June just before we reopened the portal, the census shows 180,606 of you are qualified volunteers, meaning you scaled through physical verification, and we then have a total of about 4,822 of you who were disqualified for one reason or the other. Now 14,464 were absent meaning all through the month from December when we started physical verification till march 12 precisely that we said was going to be the end of verification, and I think some state even still applied for further extension, the point is all through our various verification processes you never showed up so you were either absent on what we call a no show. So what does that mean, that means therefore that if you were disqualified or you were absent, there is no way you can progress to receiving money and also there is no way you can be deployed.

I do know that there were some States that erroneously deployed everyone that was sent to them, regardless of the report from the physical verification that was conducted by NOA and NYSC, but I’m sure such States are already beginning to regularize, because if you are not qualified by the physical verification process, there is no way we would ask you to be deployed and there is no way we would pay you. For the volunteer who has asked a question that; “I have not been deployed and my profile shows not verified”, clearly if you are not verified you cannot be deployed and if you are not deployed or not verified you cannot expect payment. So what it means therefore is that, right now there are only 180,606 of you that really qualify to go into the payment environment, now out of this 180,606 of you, we’ve got what we now call NIBSS verified, so everyone of you that is within this batch, once you are qualified and you have been deployed, will bring you into the payment environment and in bringing you into the payment environment will then send you to NIBSS for NIBSS validation.

What do I mean by NIBSS validation, it means that we compare your details you’ve given us on your portal, your first name, your middle name, your last name or your surname, we’ll take your bank account, we’ll take your BVN as you’ve provided us in the portal and bank name and we’ll then compare that with what NIBSS, which is the Nigeria Interbank Settlement Scheme: they are the custodian of all the BVNs we have in Nigeria, we’ll compare that record you have given us on the portal to the record they have, that is tied to your BVN. Now where you have a match, you will not have any payment issue, you will be paid and that is been the situation of 130,814 of you out of this 163,500; these beneficiaries have received complete payment, month on month for the singular reason that the details we have on their BVN locator in NIBSS matches the details they provided us on the portal. Now, it is important I let you know my fellow Nigerians, that this ordinarily should have been a further ground for disqualification, it means that we should really have disqualified another perhaps 33,000 of you for the singular reason that your payment records do not match what we found with NIBSS on the BVN record locator, but you must be grateful again to the president and vice president who have extended this grace that we work with you, month on month to validate you till you’re able to receive payment, and that’s what we mean when we say you are NIBSS verified.

To be NIBSS verified means, yes you have been qualified through physical verification and then at NIBSS verification your details are matching and then you begin to receive payment and like I said, that’s been the case of 130,814 of you, but then for those of you who are not within that category what we began to do was to work with you after we made the December payment in January through your focal persons and obviously through the NPVN portal, where you all submitted your details in giving you the long rope of updating your records, ensuring that you provide us matching records and as a matter of fact we also have a payment history on your portal that is able to let you know your status, in terms of whether you are now valid or the reason why you have not been paid.

Most of these reasons bother around:

1. Not matching BVN like I’ve earlier explained.

2. Where you have a matching BVN, but your names don’t match, at least two of your names provided on the portal must match with the BVN records provided for you to be paid.

3. Another issue perhaps your bank account that you gave us is not linked to the BVN I mean you didn’t link your BVN to the bank account.

4. A lot of you your names match but you gave us a non NUBAN account number; now what is a NUBAN account? NUBAN is the National Uniform Banking Account Number which is a 10 digit account number, not the 14, 15, 16 we used to have before, so if you gave us a non NUBAN account number you also cannot be paid, and the last but not the least among the common errors, some of you are also using accounts that you set up maybe during your NYSC days that was profiled not to take more than 19,000 naira, so when we try to pay you 30000 naira, the banks return your money saying that the account cannot receive that amount of money.

So really those are the likelihoods, the possible scenarios why a lot of you have not been paid or had payment issues, but the good news is, month on month, we’ve had increasing numbers to the point that as at end of May when we were paying you your May stipend in June, we now have 163,500 of you now qualified. So it means that month on month we add on as many people that come to update their account, once you update your account and we pass it to NIBSS and you are validated you get paid for that month, then we take you on for the next month, so what you notice is that once you get your first payment, for example, if you got your first payment in the month of March you will continue to get April, May, June and we will then work to pay you your backlogs.

Backlog Payment

That’s another popular question, so for those of you that have been getting payment, we would before the end of July at least those of you who’ve been getting payment since March, since April, since May we will clearly process as many backlogs as possible and I have good news for you before the end of July, a lot of you that have been asking about your backlogs, you will get your backlog payment, but let me clarify however, for December, that’s another funny question a lot of you get to ask me.

December is a peculiar month it was a month where we started to pay and the criteria for payment is for those who have been physically verified and their names got to us before December 31st 2016; remember not all of you again were verified at the same time. A lot of those that are qualified for December, already received their December payment and some of you also are qualified but had bank account payment issues, you will get your December as part of your backlog but not everyone of you will get December, I think it’s important that I clarify that and make that clear.

Now what are we doing to ensure that this whole issue of payment comes to an end, I’ve already said to you that if you fall in the category of about 19,000 of you that were either absent from verification, or were disqualified, you are not in our payment environment. Now how would you know which category you fall, of course if you were absent you will know you were absent, now if were disqualified you would have been told, but just in case you are not sure, anytime from Monday next week (July 17) we have the commitment of our technical team to ensure that they would have uploaded your status on the NPVN so that you can cross check to know which category you fall under.

The 180,606 of you that are valid, for which 163500 of you has received at least one payment, and guess what, that number would have also gone up, because a lot more of you would have also received your June stipend as your first payment. We are just reconciling the payment report for that now, but I know a lot more of you would have received your June stipend as your first payment. Now all of you in that category between that number and the 180606, we’ve got about 11540 that we are still working to sort out all of your payment issues, so right now, of that number we have about 6000 of you that have already gone into the payment environment.

As I speak to you today, we have supplementary payment that is currently ongoing right now for the month of June, so we’ve got a total of about 7000 thereabout that will receive payment from tomorrow through to perhaps end of next week (end of July 17 week). Some of you will begin to receive your payment and perhaps it will also be your first payment. So that’s about 7000 of you that will now be left with about 5000 of you. Of those 5000 that are left, we don’t have account records for you, so specifically there are 4979 of you that on your NPVN you are even inactive and we also don’t have account records for you, so I’m sure this category are clearly not even in the program at all, and then there are about 587 of you that you are active on the portal, in other words you have come, you’ve been on boarded on the portal but we don’t have account records for you, so but for as many of you that have been updating your bank details through the email or through the focal persons or through the various channels that we have provided you, I’m sure a lot of you as well have also been receiving calls from our call center, we are working tediously to ensure that in this month of July every one of you that is qualified for payment, we will be able to sort out your issues.

However, let me also please mention, if after all of these, after 8 months of been in the program and done everything that we could, to assist you and we still cannot pay you, I’m sorry we will have no choice but to exit you from the program. I mean there’s still a few of you that as at last week Friday we found out that your BVN is still zero name match, meaning your name on the portal have no match to your BVN records, some of you have just one name match, some of you have used your spouse’s BVN despite we telling you several times that we will not make payment to proxies. So I think we will do our best to clean up this whole issue about payment or no payment but then, once we do all that we can and if you still can’t get payment by end of July, we will communicate our final decision to you on that. I hope that I have attempted to answer all of your questions around payment.

Device Selection

Now, closely related to payment is device selection, now Device selection is such that you must first and foremost understand that the Federal Government of Nigeria entered into an asset finance agreement with the Bank of Industry, to provide you these devices that will serve both as your work tool and also as your training tool on an asset finance basis, and it’s also not news to you that the federal government extended an additional 4500 naira device credit to you to ensure that any device that you pick will have almost no impact, minimal or zero impact to your regular 30,000 stipend, and those of you who have selected know that 8 vendors were initially preapproved by BOI, from which you all made your selection, sorry 9 vendors were preapproved, along the line HP dropped off and we had those of you who had selected HP were asked to go and reselect among a few other devices. Now so that’s how the device works but then selection is only open to those who have no payment issues. So right now what it means therefore is that only those 163,500 volunteers who are hitherto NIBSS verified or validation are able to select devices. Because it’s an asset finance we need to ensure that only those that we have been able to successfully pay are also able to pick devices, so those of you still struggling with your account details, my news to you is still stay patient, lets sort out your payment issues, once your payment issues are resolved, you don’t need to do anything, automatically your account will be profiled to be able to select device.

Now you’ve heard us talk about device selection there’s a batch A and batch B. Batch A is for those of you who were able to select your devices on or before march 27, 2017 there are about 116,39 of you that were able to make that selection. These are the ones that are in batch A and the schedule of delivery by your selected vendors have also been made public and we will continue to update this information once the portal closes tomorrow at 23;59 hrs. After that we will put a lot more emphasis on the devices so that you are fully aware of the vendors timetable and also when the devices will get to your location. We will also send you SMS for your pick up location, you will be notified of your pick up location.

Those of you who are in Batch B meaning that you selected your device any day from march 28 up on till perhaps yesterday because as your payment issue gets resolved we profile you to select your device. All of you in Batch B, will need to be little more patient because we have not even ordered your devices yet. You should know that we just don’t go to the market to buy these devices, the Bank Of Industry has to order it through the vendors. As such we are hoping again that once we are able to sort out all of you still having outstanding payment issues this month of July , towards the end of July we are able to collate all of you that are in the batch B , and then the bank of industry will be able to place the orders and we then can keep you updated .But stay focused, stay patient, the batch A would get more information and then they would be able to start picking their devices.

Waiting List

Now some of you obviously have received SMS regards selection from 2016 waiting list before discarding the waiting list. As a result of those absent from physical verification and also disqualified, it goes without saying that we have got a few slots across states and so what we did because again every state had a waiting list even at the point of when we pre-selected and deployed you all to the states end of November, early December 2016. Now those of you who have received SMS’s to say “Congratulations you have now been selected from the 2016 waiting list, stay tuned , we would ….” the Text message did say that that we will communicate further details on your physical verification and onboarding to you later , so just stay tuned. We haven’t forgotten you , most likely , we would onboard you with your next colleagues that are coming in but stay tuned and we will let you know when you will be fully activated .


Now, I think the last question that I have seen here before I come to speak about 2017 application is re-deployment. Now, redeployment is a bit of a tricky issue and the short answer to that question is that there is no redeployment in Npower .This is Not NYSC where you all seek re-deployment and sometimes NYSC will be able to oblige you. The difference between NPower and NYSC is that we are deploying you based on your state of residence.

Remember that in N-Power , the power of choice was very much at play in Npower. First of all , it was your choice which track you wanted to go , whether you wanted a graduate track or you wanted a non-graduate track , now that’s one choice , the second choice is within a graduate track you had 4 tracks at the time when you were applying ,Teach, Health, Agric and community, even though we’ve embedded community now to teach , you had 4 tracks to pick from. We did not select based on your suitability for any track and so I’ve found my friends like Musa in Bauchi who ideally should be in N-Power Health because he’s a Microbiology graduate , but he’s in N-Agro and such was the power of choice . And the next choice you also had was where you wanted to serve your community, we clearly said we will be deploying based on your states of residence, so I expect you if you’re living in Abuja to have put in Abuja and if we deployed you to work in Abuja then there should be no issue why you’re seeking redeployment to go somewhere else and so the short answer really is that we don’t have the built in mechanisms for redeployment .

However, there were cases where some of you , yes some of you , I’m fully aware that in the early days especially in December, there were cases of erroneous deployment due to similarities on Local Governments , a few local governments in multiple states and we had a few of those issues , so there were some genuine error in posting ,those we took note of and we collated all such errors across the state and those ones we will redeploy and I think that collation has been long done and we are just waiting for perhaps the end of school session, end of this month, then we will be able to notify the affected volunteers in that category so that they would move to where they really ought to be before the next school session, so that’s the only category really that we have for redeployment and the reason I’m saying this is I don’t want a situation where I say to you that there is no re-deployment and then you hear one or two of your friends who you used to know in your state moved to another state . So yes, we did have some of those erroneous, very few, but then again , those are really the reasons why the old topic of re-deployment came up, but there’s really no re-deployment. But just like I said again yesterday ,we would however , because life is not a perfect ball and we don’t run an idealistic world, we run a real world ,there would be extraneous reasons , but we would like to consider that on a case-by-case basis , only on extraneous reasons ,but please know this and tell your friends that N-Power has no re-deployment .

We believe first and foremost that this is a temporary employability program for you ,we believe you want to put in as many hours as possible to gain all the experience you’ve not had in the last many years that you’ve been unemployed , and beyond that, the truth is any reason for re-deployment really should be an economic advantage that should take you out of Npower. I mean if you got your Phd admission or your masters admission that is in another school outside your state of residence or where you are currently employed , that’s a plus in life that is worthy of resigning from Npower , if you get married for example and your husband wants you to move, that’s another plus in life that we believe is worthy of you also exiting the program , so really, we would only consider extraneous reasons on a case-by-case basis , but please, the short answer again is that there is no redeployment In Npower .

2017 Application Process

I think the live feeds I’m seeing here are questions regarding 2017 applications , I would deal with that now , so 2017 ,my fellow brothers and sisters ,yes, June 13 was the date in 2017 , when we said countdown to Npower going live , we went live and in less than maybe 28hrs , Npower 2017 application process will become history. It’s been a good work ,the last one month and I want to thank every one of you that has commended our efforts , the technical team has worked very hard, night and day to ensure you have what you call hassle free application process , I’m glad that a lot of you were able to , a lot of you had a seamless experience with our application process this time around , I think we have our technical team and all our stakeholders to thank for that.

But basically, Let me walk us through the process. The application is just your first step, and this time around is also very competitive, my last count last night I think we have 2.2million applications at the moment , we wonder at what number we are going to close ,but, be that as it may , there is a journey in the process, first is the application which you’ve done and the next is your BVN validation , for the very reason why a lot of you from 2016 have complained “I’ve not been paid” is the reason why we are going to ensure this time around that we do the BVN validation even before you continue your N-Power journey .

We want to ensure that everyone that finally gets into the next phase of selection are those who already have matching records so that those who eventually get pre-selected and they go through physical verification and end up being final selected volunteers would have no payment issue from day one. How wonderful will that be? I mean my goal is to ensure that your friends , the 130,814 of you who have enjoyed unbroken payment history and experience with N-Power, that is the experience of every single one of you in the 2017 batch .

BVN Validation

That’s really what we want, that’s the N-Power experience , and so the next step is going to be BVN validation once your details are valid , you would then get an SMS and an invitation to go and write your test ,now let me say that yes we did put out a test guide , please don’t hold us to that test guide anymore for now ,we are focused on scaling up our BVN validation because the applications that have come in are huge , significantly huge numbers compared to what we had last year , so we decided to focus our effort on scaling up the BVN Validation such that whence we commence the testing process again it would now be without a break , so therefore , the point is yes, some of us are still writing tests, we did not stop the test entirely ,but we slowed down on the guide so it’s right to say that the guide is somewhat stepped down, but from Monday expect a revised guide, as we would be ramping up on the speed for the tests. Now, ”How do I know if I’m among the people that failed validation” , you will also get a text message . so what it means therefore is from stage 1 is application process which a lot of you have done to stage 3 which is testing process ,the stage 2 there , you would get an SMS . the proof of stage 2 which is BVN Validation is an SMS , you either get an SMS to say “Congratulations , go and write your test….” Or “Congratulations, we wish you success in your future endeavor because your application journey has been terminated here due to non matching records “

SMS Notification For Assessment

So what is important is this , You would get a text message or an SMS message inviting you to go and write your test . If you have not gotten that SMS message, you know the message you’re going to get ?you would get an invalid error message . So if you didn’t get an SMS Message and you go on to the portal and attempt to want to write your test ,what you would get will be invalid message , so I’ve seen a lot of feeds that are talking about “oh I went to write the test, I got an invalid message” Yes , because you are jumping the gun , please in 2017, we have too many people that have applied , I think its important that ability to follow instructions, ability to listen , ability to read, understand and follow every instruction would be a selection criteria. Remember that you are going into employment, this employability enhancement program at the end of your two years , that which your employers who would end up being your employers, what they are looking for is what we call employability skills and clearly listening skills, understanding skills , critical thinking skills , critical reasoning skills ,ability to follow instructions , those are skill sets that every employer is looking for in a valuable employee , so please , take this as your testing ground, stop texting messages like “oh, I’ve not been able to write my test” when you haven’t gotten an SMS invitation , stop sending messages that you’ve gotten error message when you have not even gotten SMS invitation. we already told you if you don’t get an SMS invitation and you go to write the test ,you would get an invalid message , that’s it .

What Next After Assessment Tests?

Once you go past that , the rest then for us is our own selection matrix which we will make public once we finalize it after the portal has closed , what criteria and all of that , we would make all that public. There’s been a lot of questions of you saying “after my test, what do I do” ,some of you are looking for results , you want to know your result , after you’ve written your test, continue doing what you have been doing with your life and we will contact you , its like when you go for a job interview , what will the company always tell you , “we will contact those of you who are successful” they don’t contact the 1million people who had the job interview, they only contact those who are successful, so stay tuned , this process is as transparent as it has been, for those of your colleagues who are in the program already, they will tell you they didn’t need to know anybody so you don’t need to know anybody either , we will run a transparent process as we’ve always done .

Buying 2017 Application Forms

So that brings me to the question for those of you who are buying forms, please this is a program that the federal government has offered to you, every process requires no money of any sort. Of course, you want to go and do your application and printing at a cyber café , clearly, you will pay , that’s not what I’m talking about, but when someone comes to you and says this form will guarantee you selection , you pay 5,000, 500 ,you pay a dime ,well, I’m sorry, I think you should politely decline because there is nothing of such. Our brothers and sisters who are in the hinterlands, maybe don’t have connectivity , yes, some of our state partners are sponsoring forms to get their details and then come up to the urban centers to be able to upload their details into the portal , we don’t frown against that ,we don’t frown against any effort to assist the indigenes in any of our societies in any of the states in Nigeria , but one thing is needful for us all to know, this process only recognizes applications that are in the portal , how it gets into the portal , well , there are many ways by which it can get into the portal , but we only recognize applications that are in the portal .

So please stop paying any of such, as a matter of fact, report such cases to us , you have all our social media channels ,we’ve got the facebook handle which I’m speaking to with you right now , we’ve got the twitter handle ,we’ve got the instagram handle of course we’ve got the support email , whatsapp, we’ve got the call center , So, please ensure you report any of such cases , now this also goes to my friends who are in the program already ,clearly , I’ve been around 15 states and I’ve seen some myself . I encourage you , stop any and every form of payment on any guise .

We have not asked any state partner to collect money from anyone of you in the name of ID Card , we have not asked any state partner or local government partner to collect any money from you in the guise of monitoring , some of you sent me a tweet today about NAgro training and they asked you to bring 1200 , I was going to ask that colleague of ours asked what state that is , please refrain from making any mandatory payment to anyone whether it’s in the name of N-Power ambassador or local government monitor or state monitor , please refrain from making any of such dubious , illegal payment. What you owe us and owe yourselves is to report it , through any of our social media channels .

Now, let me clarify, I have no issues against any freewill contributions , I am very aware a lot of you are already forming clusters of corporatives in your different fields , some of you are forming esusu , where you decide to have voluntary contributions amongst yourselves , we have nothing against it, afterall, your money has come directly to your account , you’re in full control of whatever you do with your stipend , where anyone in the guise of any name , under any guise whether its to give you t-shirt, ID cards or monthly clearance seeking to collect any mandatory fee, please refrain from making those payments and report it , we will guard your identity as I have done for many of you who have already reported , we will guard your identity to assure that you are not blacklisted by your employers in the state or witch-hunted , we guarantee you , for those of you that are afraid of reporting , please report.

Payment History

Olorunipa Folorunsho Peters asked “What about the payment history “So, we would update the payment history again, you would recall that first and foremost and that’s a very good question peter , how is kogi anyway? That’s a good question ,when we did put it out , we were told that it would help all of you , give you light through uncertainties, well , what I observed Is that some of you couldn’t interpret the payment history .What the payment history did was to highlight the information about payments and details, but a lot of beneficiaries could not interpret .But we saw that it really wasn’t achieving the purpose but I hope that now that it has been brought up and I’ve explained what it is , we have a greater understanding , yes we stopped at the end of April and we really had to scale up this effort of reaching everybody , that was why we started making phone calls , the phones are not the safest way to collect sensitive information and we remember again we had to advertise on which our call center team will be calling from and we also even still said to you that anyone that , there had been a few you know fraudulent people that had used different numbers wanting to call you to you know get your details you know with the plans to defraud but we had to do that, but now that we are stabilizing, we go back again to updating the payment history for every volunteer, so once by Monday we are done with the issue of those that are disqualified and absent, we would notify them through the portal, we would then focus on payment history, so the next two weeks I’m sure all of you would have your payment history updated . Okay, Orioha Oluchi wants to know if those who are serving can apply, well , So, tricky question , if you’re serving and you know that , again application closes in less than 25hrs ,27hrs , but, I guess the answer is if you’re serving and you know you would have completed your youth service by the time you’re undergoing physical verification, yes ,you can apply ,a lot of your colleagues applied being corpers last year and they were fortunate enough that they passed out in November and verification was in December , but of course some of your colleagues were not as fortunate , who applied , were selected , were pre-selected , they were disqualified because their passing out was in April and as at December during physical verification , they did not have NYSC discharge , so those ones I hope would have now reapplied for 2017 , so the short answer is yes, but you would only be able to make it if by the day we call for physical verification you have completed your service and you do have your discharge certificate .

Profile Accessibility

Okay , Babangida Abdullahi asked “Sir, I don’t have access to my profile, it is blocked so I can’t update my account and BVN so I’ve never received any stipend since the inception of the program, please help me” What State ,Babangida Abdullahi I am surprised , this is the 8th month , you’re perhaps one of those that we are about to chuck out of the program because you have not shown enough pro-activeness , this is the 8th month in the program , I want to know your state ,you must have a focal person, you must have an NOA Office, you must have a SUBEB office, I mean someone must have deployed you and so if you have not used all of this avenues to provide update to your account then I find it quite difficult to believe that story ,in the 8th month ,so perhaps you’re not even working, you’re one of those that was deployed and showed up day 1 and perhaps because you were not paid after month one you stopped working, but it’ll be good to get your details , I’m sure you now know how to reach us and send your details, not through facebook of course , go on the portal even if you can’t log on your portal , go to and see the email there and send the email, yeah .

Device Distribution

Okay, Igonikan Katherin Soye Says “Good evening Sir, please will the distribution of the device on Saturday still hold and if yes, what are the requirements ? Thank you Sir for your time ” So, first and foremost ,it’s only if you picked afrione for example, I’m sure you picked your , you’re a volunteer that picked afrione device, afrione device as I speak are currently being pre-loaded in the warehouse in lagos , and I think we still on schedule , I’m not sure yet, I need to touch base with the device team , but we would update you even if , again, the announcement was , the dispatch will happen on Saturday , not that you will pick up on Saturday , we’re still going to have to notify you and tell you also where to pick up , so let me say that we should still be able to do our first dispatch by the weekend and then just wait for the pick up protocols ,we will send each and everyone of you SMS , where to pick up and all you need is to come with your ID , some form of ID that identifies you .

Adamma Iwada says “So there is a list going around that Npower released it with numbers and addresses where to collect our devices , please Sir how legit is the list” No, its fake news, we never released that , if you go to your device selection page , what they have released as a list from Npower is actually the service centers of all the providers , so that’s what some, I don’t know what the motivation is , but that’s what some tricky people do , so what they went is each of the 8 online providers have provided their service centers and that was provided to you to inform your choice , so that at least if I’m living in Abuja ,and I want to pick a device vendor , perhaps part of my motivation would be a device vendor that has a service center in Abuja, so that was the reason why as part of the information that was released by all the vendors , they provided their service centers across Nigeria, now some ,are fraudulent ,tricky person has gone to take all of that to say that its our pick up information, its fake news so please just wait to hear from us , you know all the official handles , if you’re listening to me on this medium, it tells me that you know that this is our official handle , so wait to get information from us , everyone of you .

The Essence Of N-powerAdisa Babatunde Adewale says “Good Day Sir, I think this program is a voluntary job and the payment is 30,000 why is it that it is a full time job with 30,000 graduates and the state is not adding any stipend ?” well , first and foremost , I think babatunde, you need to first understand that it is a full time volunteer program , I think that’s key, I wonder if you’ve been unemployed and been in situations like hadiza in bauchi who’s been unemployed since 2010 so perhaps that’s what, 7 years and another lady I met in jigawa and many of you that I’ve met across states unemployed since 2009 /2010 . This is a life line that has been extended and I don’t see why you would want to work lesser hours instead of having greater hours to build up this employability experience that you need for your permanent job post N-Power, so I think you need to understand first the purpose of the program and know that it’s to your benefit if you can wrap up many more hours of gaining real life experience, I think that’s point one. Now in every state I’ve gone to, for you to earn 30000 you perhaps are a level 8 or level 9 or level 10 officer in the civil service, now you would have put in some years to even be at that level for you to have earn 30,000. I’m not aware that 30,000 is too small money for you to serve in your community, now the last but not the least is there is no compulsion from any of our state partners to add any top up to it, there is no compulsion and I am not aware any state has actually done that but I do know that many state have actually supported you with non-cash support, training, training that they provide you there full time teachers and things like that, so clearly, I’m sure that they have supported you in more ways than none. We don’t have any mandatory decision that our partners must add anything to you, I think the last point we will also then make is, if the terms are not convenient for you, again like you rightly said it is voluntary so you could resign from the program, as no one is forced to stay in the program.

How To Resign From the N-Power Platform

I think the last question that has just come to my notice is; “How do I resign?” that’s very easy so far, in this program from the report I have in front of me, we’ve received 108 resignations thus far, and this is one program where I celebrate resignations. I celebrate resignations because again like I said it’s a lifeline that has been extended unto you to launch you and push you to the next level, so I celebrate resignation for that reason and it’s my prayer that a lot of you will have causes to resign even before the end of the 24th month, not for you to be chucked out for disciplinary action like we have for about 21 of you, right now I haven’t added some more that I met in the last state that I just visited I won’t mention the name, by the time I add those ones, perhaps it will be going to about 40 of you. So to resign is very simple, just write a resignation letter and provide it through, the head of your center, the head of your primary assignment, if its school your head teacher or principal if its health center your matron or administrator and if it’s an Agric. program your ADP manager, now the whole goal, or if you do have access to your focal person you could also send it directly to your state focal person, so it’s very simple so just write it, if you don’t have access to an email or to a scanner, write it, send it to them, they will pass it on to me, but ensure that it gets to your state focal person so that it can get to me, where you do have access to emails and you even have my email or you have the support email or your focal person email you can just send, scan it, send to all of us, copy us, and once we receive, we will acknowledge receipt, we will congratulate you and we will disengage you from the program.