BDO Patch Notes V0.3 — “Did Someone Say Free?”

Hey Proz!

We have had quite a busy week! Our recruiters have been putting in work, and our streamlined onboarding process has helped quite a bit. As a result we’ve got quite a few fresh faces around the community (20+ to be exact)!

The Node War scene seems to be slowly settling down, we’ve been running into a lot more T1 guilds lately, which has been a ton of fun. Our new friends in the community are getting caught up quickly on how we run things and many have gotten a kick out of Node Wars!

Along with recruitment we’ve been hard at work as always trying to ensure a healthy two-way relationship exists between guild and member, where members who put in work for the guild in return have work put in for them by the guild (it totally makes sense, just roll with it).

Below are the changes, along with some special surprises!

Payouts once again are getting a slight face lift! Many of you have been asking how you can go above and beyond to secure that sweet sweet T10 pay aside from becoming an officer (although we’ll be open to that as well in the near future, keep an eye on the news channel). Well, today we have an answer — Achievements!

To start we will be putting the following two weekly achievements in place:

  1. You can receive T10 pay by getting 100 kills in any given Node War. This is intended for our more combat driven members. It is achievable — but not easy!
  2. You can also receive T10 pay by bringing in a total of 1b income via boating in one week. This is for our hardcore pirates, and will likely require 2–3 hours per day out on the high seas.

It is important to note that these values may be adjusted over time according to difficulty. The current values are believed to be relatively difficult without being impossible (we know they can both be done).

On to the free stuff — this week’s events! There are two events taking place this week that we think you’ll be interested in, one involves phat loots, and the other involves silver/pearl items.

The first is the ongoing Guild Mission event:

  • Guild Missions currently drop scroll pieces which allow us to spawn a chest. This chest drops some pretty solid stuff (like the worst possible drops are hards/sharps, all the way up to boss gear).
  • Since the chest can be hit by anyone and receive drops, we have decided to only allow those who actually do the work for them to be included.
  • Therefore, to be included in the grand finale (where we pop all the chests at once and it’s a fantastic pinata party that rains loot for everyone) we ask that you participate in AT LEAST 5 guild missions by the end of the event. The event ends on the 29th!

The second is our trademark Brawler’s Ball (many of you will remember):

  • The Brawler’s Ball is a guild-only AoA tournament with prizes for participants & victors.
  • This Brawler’s Ball features a special pearl prize (a brand new shiny companion) to the participant deemed “most entertaining”!
  • The person who puts on the best show (as decided by the community via a vote) will receive a gift donated by our very own Candrasda!
  • On top of the pearl prize, T10 pay will be up for grabs for the winning team as usual!
  • For those who are new to Brawler’s Ball, we balance teams to be as evenly matched as possible, meaning a person with 450 GS will likely be teamed up with someone in the 500–550 range, etc. So anyone has a fair chance at winning!

The specifics of this week’s Brawler’s Ball will be released later in the week (I am so tired help me). So keep an eye out on the #community-events channel for more info!