In the Time of Quarantine, Teachers Have Never Been More Appreciated

For five days each week(for the most part), parents around the United States prepare to their children to go to school in the morning. Whether it be making breakfast, helping them get dressed, or walking them to a bus station, parents are typically somewhat involved in getting their child ready for the school day. Once this is done, the children go to school for roughly 6 hours and receive a free public education. Most parents do not fully understand what is done all day at these public schools and couldn’t tell you what the classroom environment is like for their children. The sad truth is that many parents view school as a free daycare; a large portion of the day where they don’t have to babysit their child. The only long period of time where parents are with their kids all day is summer break, which a lot of parents see the end of as a giant weight lifted off of their shoulders.

In a time of quarantine due to an outbreak of COVID-19, grade level schools and universities have been forced to adopt online learning. Students around the country are using different mediums of communication with their teachers and are receiving an education that for most of them is completely foreign. One popular application is Zoom, a group meeting-based software that allows for teachers to talk to their students in a virtual classroom. For parents of children in grade school, this has never been a more difficult time.

Parents are learning firsthand the difficulties of being a teacher, something that most of them have never experienced. They have been tasked with making sure their child is understanding the learning material and staying focused while working. They are making sure that the students are logging on to their respective learning platform and keeping up with their online learning schedule. Although the environment is not an exact replica of a school, parents are understanding the important aspects of what takes place in a school day. They are becoming temporary teachers, and in doing so are starting to appreciate what teachers are doing for their children and the role they play.

School districts around the country have been organizing parades for their teachers, where the educators ride in their cars and wave to the students quarantined at home. These gatherings are a sign of appreciation we have never seen at such magnitude for educators. When students are able to return to schools and campuses, parents will have a whole new appreciation for what they do.