king of everything

i watched dope today. and it was indeed dope. but of course, it made me think about my life. because someone said malcolm reminded them of me. “big” fish, “small” pond. i’ve always wondered where life would’ve taken me had i been supported instead of whatever it was that i was. or if other things hadn’t transpired the way they did. i wonder what 34 would look like on me in another life. it doesn’t really matter at this point, because if gramma had balls, she’d be grampa. this is the path that was walked, but it is interesting to wonder. to brood. to sulk. but not without purpose.

the purpose today may sound familiar to those of you who used to read my other blog. the purpose today is to encourage you to encourage those around you, and maybe even yourself to do whatever it is they dream to do. that is to say, tell kids that say they want to go to school to be a lawyer or a cosmetologist to go ahead. hell, buy them a book or two or take them to lunch if you can. don’t let your bitterness about your deferred dreams, or your ill thought plans, cause you to hinder someone else’s greatness.

be light. it’s challenging. being dark is easy. being happy for someone who may achieve what was denied you is real soul work. do it anyway. your little cousin who lives in the country and has never ventured 50 miles outside her home may be the world’s salvation. she may become the king of everything. don’t deny her the chance to try. there’s enough miserable people on this earth.

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