i just want to create a place where black children can be safe to be children who happen to be black.

where they aren’t snatched out of their desks by some coward cop after a coward teacher feels his power being challenged by a girl on her cell phone.

where they can be free to think and dream and create without having to be afraid of the environment.

where their transgressions and “deficiencies” are teachable moments wherein they are enriched and not shamed into an emotional wormhole of anxiety and self deprecation.

i watched the video of aiyana-stanley jones’ grandmother testifying against the animal that murdered her grandbaby. i almost broke down. she’s suffering from PTSD and there’s no recompense. no way to rehabilitate the offender. he feels no remorse. he didn’t do anything wrong. he’s supported by the system that tells him that he is the living embodiment of the law. no accountability. just her tears and pain. and the loss of her grandbaby. and the gnawing emptiness of having to see what she saw and feel what she felt and live what she’s been living since they invaded her home.

the video of that young girl being thrown around like a sack of dirty laundry is sickening. and yet there are individuals, fingers ablaze ready to defend this cop’s lack of humanity.

what if’s float around in my head… what if her spine had been severed like freddie’s? what if she’d had a heart attack like eric? what if she’d been asphyxiated like sandra? what if they’d just left us the fuck alone on our continent in the first damn place?

maybe that last one is a stretch but it’s my stretch. i’m tired of these people. lawless and ungodly. and i’m tired of the coons who think like they think, and act like they act. how delicious will their anus be when the ancestors come snatch you into the ether?

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