No-one ever prepared me for THIS…

Who turns out normal in life when you are raised by a woman who seems to be so kind to others but a lunatic behind closed doors? What the heck is a normal life anyway?

Is it normal to get beat to a pulp because you can’t find the car keys in the oven or moms sandals in the fridge? To MY mom it was! Wait, before you lose interest as you shake your head in disbelief of yet another abuse story, listen to this one!

Mom, was sick, there was no medicine, no money and there were no ears large enough to listen to what ailed mom. She did the best that she could raising four kids and me being the black sheep, I have no idea how I got that label, really, I don't, however, I got the beatings all my siblings should have gotten, because I could not keep my motor mouth shut! If it were illegal to beat your child back then, I would have been just another statistic. I am so glad I waited it out though. I hated my mother, and I mean hated. I wished her dead, even took pleasure in seeing her laid out in her coffin. I knew someday she would get paid back for all she put me through all my life. Obviously I would have to write a book to give details, but the point of this story is to tell you how things changed.

Over time, mom told me things I didn’t even know, when only I assumed. She told me how misunderstood and mistreated she was. She was sick and had no one to help her. She did the best she could and sometimes, she didn’t know what what she was doing. She asked for my forgiveness. I was still mad. I was actually glad. Pay pack, I muttered under my breath. Then, mom got even sicker over the years, even lost her a few times to illness, coma, until eventually she lost her battle.

Mom died January 19, 2017, out of the blue. We had healed our relationship, I spoiled her rotten and she and I spoke every single day and night…

Until that one morning I got the call, “she’s gone Naomi….” I thought my heart stopped with hers. I wanted to go with her. I screamed, “ No, God, we just became best friends, no!!!”


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