The Measurement of Pain…

Beauty masked by pain…

The measurement of Pain…

There is no ruler, no measuring cup. There is no marker; no given proof. No level to compare to, no referee standing with a whistle to determine.

One could be blind, one could be rich or poor. One could be in a crowded room, one could be completely alone, but when your in pain, no one can compare or make it go away until we are healed.

No one can say just the right words, no one can make it go away. No magic potion, sometimes not even instant prayer. When your hurting, your just plain scared and down right pissed.

Pain can come from so many things. From what people say or do. From what people DON’T say or don’t DO. It can come from a loss. Whether emotional, materialistic or physical. We can hurt from the pain of losing something we never even had to begin with. It can just be the thought of what could have been, verses what we ended up with.

I think one of the worst pains to have to go through, is to have something right before our eyes, within reach; able to be touched or spoken to, but remain untouched or unheard. It can be inches away from you, a thought away; even in the non-existent never- never land. Is it not only more frustrating to stretch out and try to touch what seams so real, than to have had once and lost again?

Only certain people will be able to relate to this, because life has its seasons in each of our lives. It just may not be your season. However, one thing for sure, is that pain does not discriminate, nor care how pretty or handsome you are. No amount of money can be paid to diminish its intended pain.

Pain and loss is immeasurable and no matter how we mask it with fabricated substances,all you remove is the emotional connection, to later return to haunt you, unexpectedly and at the most unwelcome time. When you just feel like you can no longer take just another moment of it!

I often wonder, if we spent half the time trying to nourish others with unconditional love, acceptance, respect and kindness to everyone, how much less effort it would take in the long run it would take to fix the brokenness of our minds, bodies and souls?

Let’s face it, we spend half of our lives trying to chase what we want in life and the other half accepting what people give to us, in fear of losing the little bit we get or got from others.

Pain hurts, love hurts, rejection hurts, letting go hurts, death hurts but so does accepting anything less than what we are worth. So when does the cycle end? Maybe when someone ends it for us with no warning, maybe when we just can’t take it anymore and walk away. Either way, when we invest our heart and soul into something or someone, the pain to let go intensifies immensely and sometimes keeps us from letting go of something that was once good, for the time it lasted verses what it will actually grow into.

Either way, it hurts. Through our silent tears or through our screaming unheard voices, if the other who causes our hurt doesn’t accept responsibility for their role in our pain or hear what we say repetitively, then it was not worth the fight to begin with.