If You Speak Multiple Languages, Do You Need Multiple Therapists?
Andrew Fiouzi

Therapy. Does every culture procure this as a solution?

When I see varieties (of races, families, languages, animals, produce) lost, I wonder; is homogeny a solution? Or should I mourn what is lost?

“Imagine all the people, living for today.”

A one-world scenario might ask you to be something that you are not. Therapy in every language, in my opinion, is a one-world solution.

What is your suffering? Imagine the suffering, or the type of hedonism involved in abandoning your motherland and all that your people have known, and trying to build your soul somewhere else. If it’s a gypsy problem, you might be better off seeking a gypsie’s solution; a psychic, going on a retreat, listening to or playing some music.

Therapy might not be the solution to an immigrants diverse variety of problems.

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