What if?

What if shit didn’t happen?

I wouldn’t have to answer “because shit happened”

When they asked me “why?”,

I wouldn’t have to grief on my own birthday

Because it was supposed to be a week before I depart,

I would be dwelling 11,825 kms away

From where I am now,

I would be joining the club

Christopher Nolan was the president of,

I would eat Pret’s wrap

As my breakfast every single day,

I would be wandering through the streets

And accidentally bumped into Tom Hiddleston,

I would watch Shakespeare’s plays on weekends

Starred by Andrew Scott,

I would attend concerts and gigs

Of my favorite bands,


What if shit didn’t happen?

I would be 11,709 kms away

From my family and closest friends,

I wouldn’t have met people

I met because shit happened,

I wouldn’t have had all the experience

I had because shit happened.

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