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But it doesn’t have to be. I’ll explain…

But first: Wednesday morning, January 11, 2017, the country — the world really — witnessed what my grandmother would have politely called a “fucking nightmare of a shit show,” but which traditionally is called a “press conference,” by the man who is to become the next President of the United States in a little less than six days.

The presser was supposed to have been about how Trump was going to resolve the myriad of extensive and mysterious conflicts of interest presented by his allegedly (remember, we still haven’t seen a single tax return) massive, global business holdings. But of course, the events of the previous 24 hours proved a useful distraction from the fact that what Trump presented as the resolution of all the conflicts was bupkis. Nada. Zilch. He has allegedly signed over control of his companies and his other assets to his son’s, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump. I say allegedly because no one in the media has been allowed to examine or even look at a single sheet of paper (despite the enormous pile of file folders that Trump stood next to while at the podium) that would prove that he has done anything of the kind. …

And even if it was — again, it wasn’t, but even if it was, Nixon would have lost anyway.

For the past couple of weeks, Donald Trump has been trying to divert attention away from the revelation that he is a misogynist and sexual predator by claiming that the evidence of this, or rather that the evidence of his misogyny and sexual predation coming to light, is evidence that the current presidential election is “rigged” against him. That massive voter fraud, coordinated and conducted by shadowy figures, beholden to Wall Street and “the international bankers,” with the tacit approval and involvement of the news media, the Clinton campaign and even certain members of his own party, will rob him of the prize that he feels is rightfully his as the King of All Deal Makers and Savior of the Nation, the presidency. This claim, repeated time and again at his rallies and during television appearances, is backed by not one single piece of credible evidence presented either by Trump or any of his campaign surrogates. …

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AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Trump will be gone, but what about his millions of angry, possibly violent, potentially armed followers?

Barring some historically unprecedented electoral miracle, Donald J. Trump is going to lose the 2016 presidential election. Bigly. Then what? Well, assuming he is like everybody else who ever ran for president and lost, he will spend some time soul searching and salving his wounds, probably in his office in Trump Tower or maybe on the links down at Mar-a-Lago. Then, no doubt, he will get back in his limo and resume his extraordinary, everyday life of licensing his family name for profit, promoting his golf courses and hotels, disrespecting his wife by ogling and making offensive comments about — and at — women, all while screwing people who do business with him out of money. …


N.R. Ramos

Writer | Adventurer | Exaggerator

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