The beauty of web, Bundled. Dutch startup Bundlin opens beta for the first 2000 excited users.

A great explanimation about the new content curation platform Bundlin

‘The beauty of the web, bundled.’ Those are the very promising words of the Dutch digital professionals who have just released the beta version of Bundlin. On, users can create, discover and share beautiful collections of links. From now on, 2000 Twitter users have the exclusive opportunity to test and explore the new tool. As the very first, they can bundle exciting content to show their expertise and opinion on any subject of interest, whilst staying up to date in different fields via others that do the same.

The Bundlin home feed, here you can see an overview of all the Bundles made by the people you follow

Creating the wow experience with bundles of web content

Integrate content from a wide variety of sites and platforms

Every day, millions of people deal with an overload of information whilst scouring the web. They all undergo the same process of discovering related content on a particular subject, leading to personal selections of online content such as articles, videos and images. Through Bundlin, these valuable collections can be captured. Yet, that is not all the tool has to offer. By selecting links and defining relationships between those links, users add value to existing content. Above all, Bundlin gives them a completely new experience; a fast, seamless and rewarding way to create stunning looking bundles of online content. Bundlin is for a wide range of users and purposes; from artists sharing their inspiration about pieces of art, to well known journalists spreading interesting news within their professional network.

Bundlin welcomes you to the future of human curated content

This is how a Bundle eventually looks like

Valuable content people find may temporarily be visible on social media timelines, but vanish like frost under the morning sun. This is the trending challenge of the web that the creators of Bundlin want to meet. The passionate founders see their tool, which is still in an early phase of development, soon growing into an interactive platform of human curated content. Bundlin in its current form is only the beginning; an inspiring opportunity for people to capture the valuable process of finding amazing content and transform it into bundles of indefinite existence. This week, the Bundlin team attends The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, where it will be pitching the tool to excited beta users and new investors.

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