Netflix & Chill

How to wind down after a stressful week.

Relax, Relax, Relax!

Come here my Darling
It’s been a long stressful week
Take off your high heels and let me massage your sore feet
Let your beautiful weary head rest for awhile
On my warm hairy chest and tickle you for a smile

I have Chinese on order
Crispy Spring Rolls and King Prawn Soup
Sweet & Sour Chicken with that orangey gloop!
Szechuan Beef and Special Fried Rice
And for dessert I’ll treat you to something nice!

The water is hot and the bathtub is full
Slide in and slide away your innermost fears
Let the candles and the fragrance
Drift away your past tears
You’re mine now and I have magical soap
It’ll clean your skin and purify your soul
And when the warm water washes through you
Down in the plughole will go your woes.

Once we have ate and the dishes are washed
The sofa beckons for us to Rock
You see a tub of belgian chocolate ice-cream 
But that’s not the dessert to make you scream
Forget Netflix, focus on the Chill
Darling, the treat is me…so let us Thrill!

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