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Did you read the article? Lamar Alexander ( who is a Republican) has been saying that provisions protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions cannot be left in place without an individual mandate. Since you like this system so much, I’m disappointed to have to tell you that if the Congress what it do what you are suggesting , it would put all the health insurance companies out of business. No one, including you, would be able to afford a health insurance policy.

Stop talking for two minutes and listen to the other side of this argument , because it is not just liberals or Democrats for making these same statements. Lamar Alexander is about as close as you get to what people can still call a moderate Republican. He knows 50 times more about health policy than Paul Ryan has ever forgotten.

You don’t honestly believe that Senator Capito from West Virginia is going to go back to her state, where almost half the population is on either Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP, and tell her constituents that they can all be insured for pre-existing conditions as long as they can afford a hundred thousand dollars a year for insurance policy.

You know, you can get an insurance policy for virtually anything. Lloyd’s of London will write you an insurance policy for whatever you want to insure, as long as you are willing to pay the freight.

Frankly, I don’t see even a whisper of a policy justification for changing the ACA unless it is changed for the better. The driving force behind the repeal of the ACA is the unexplainable hatred of non-millionaires by the Republican Party. It doesn’t bother Paul Ryan and the least that 20 million people would lose their insurance if his point of view held sway. It seems to make him happy. After all, what does he have to worry about ?He has health insurance for the rest of his life because he’s a congressman.