There is no such thing as a transgender child.
Russell Pompea

There is no such thing as a trans child. In this century or the last. Turning your child into the opposite sex is a horrid form of child abuse. Before you call me ignorant or say I have a lack of understanding, I am the sort of person who thinks about things VERY carefully. I have read MANY thousands of pages of info on this subject from scientific, medical and personal views, I AM a parent of 6 and I DO know what I’m talking about. This website explains it better than me….

P.S: Any of you trans parents ever stop to think, ‘what if I’m wrong?’ before you began the abuse or did you just blindly follow your own un-educated instinct and begin the life-long torment immediately without looking back? Did you even do any real research before you made this MASSIVE choice for your child? Or bother to even think about the fact that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a young child to have ANY idea about ‘sexual identity’ (a made-up phrase)? Or did you just head straight to a trans kid forum or facebook group and bury yourself in their support to justify yourself and feel like you are doing the right thing ‘coz all these other people are doing it’? You could justify ANYTHING by that logic. ANYTHING!!! I bet all your friends and family support you too?…..OF COURSE they do!! Family against you will be ostracized and if anyone else speaks out at you it’s a hate crime!! (in today’s messed-up PC society). This only serves to deepen your delusion.

P.P.S: I don’t really care for replies or argument on this subject. If you disagree with me then as far as I’m concerned, you’re brainwashed and/or very stupid. However, if I manage to save the lifelong torment and abuse of just one child from this post, then it’ll have been totally worth it.

Wake up parents! If you really love your child then at least think about what I’ve said here and realize - It’s the world that’s gone mad, NOT your child!!!

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