Keeping Our Promise on the Supreme Court
Sen. Chuck Grassley

You have got to be kidding. You, McConnell, and other members of your party on the Judiciary Committee utterly failed the American people when you refused to consider Obama’s pick for a replacement, cleverly twisting Biden’s statement to make it seem like a reasonable justification for abdicating your constitutional duty. (It’s pretty ironic that you and other constitutional fundamentalists pick and choose which parts of it you feel like following.) Now you’re stuck shilling for a demagogue in president’s clothing, and your credibility is forever tainted by partisanship. I grew up in Iowa and got a degree from the University of Iowa, and I voted for you in 1992 because, despite my leaning Democratic, I thought of you as an honest and responsible representative of our state. Now you’ve shown your true colors, and I hope that your political career in Iowa ends soon, and with shame.

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