The Boston You Don’t Know

It’s a Monday night. Most other people are getting off work and heading home to make a quick dinner right now, they’ll fit in an episode of Stranger Things if they can. I on the other hand am headed to some destination in Boston’s leather district that I’ve never heard of, and my backpack is filled with supplies…

photo credit: Mohammed Shamma

There are three other guys walking in front of me, all carrying backpacks. They get to the address first and stop to read a sign.
“So I guess we need to use the entrance on the other street” 
“Looks like we’re headed to the same place” I interject. Better to have them know I’m there rather than just follow them awkwardly around the corner.

The other entrance that we head to is really in more of an alley than a proper street. There’s a sign up there as well saying to head down the stairs, but the door is locked. There is a number on the sign so I give it a call and it rings three times and goes to voicemail.

I turn around to the other guys “So it just went to voice…” and at that moment the door goes flying open…

This is the second time in the past month that I’ve been hunting down a group in some unusual location. But I’m not looking for underground raves or bars with piles of cocaine, it’s something far more interesting, I’ve gotten into indie game development.

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