A Folding iPhone Could Be A Long Way Off

You know the idea of a foldable iPhone is amazing. Just think about it. Apple makes some of the best looking devices on the market, imagine a folding iPhone. It would look amazing.

But, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. If at all. Now this idea doesn’t come from my brain originally. That honor goes to one of my old co-workers.

So let’s dive into the reason why Apple may not release a foldable phone anytime soon.

Think about it. The point of tablets are to provide a bigger screen for productivity, media consumption, etc.

The idea of foldable phones is to provide a larger screen in a smaller package. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a 6.2-inch screen while closed. But, once opened it reveals a 7.6-inch screen.

When opened the Z Fold 3 has a screen that is almost bigger than the new iPad Mini. The new iPad Mini has a 8.3-inch screen.

Without a doubt a foldable iPhone would offer a similar size as the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Maybe a bit smaller or bigger, but it would put the iPad Mini in danger.

Apple has a knack for ignoring all competition. When Apple announces a new product they compare it to the one it’s replacing. They never say “The new iPhone us 30% faster than the Samsung Galaxy. “. Apple tries not to acknowledge any competition.

As a result, Apple may not want to acknowledge something every other manufacturer is doing. At least not right away. Which leads into that next topic.

Apple is always fashionably late

Apple never rushes to be first at anything. The company is more focused on releasing good products. Now that doesn’t always happen. But the company usually releases products with fewer bugs and issues than other companies.

That being said Apple would probably take a long time to “perfect” their foldable device. So although Apple would potentially release a foldable device it could take awhile.

The iPhone still sales extremely well. Despite the iPhone barely changing design year after year, Apple still moved millions of devices a year.

Even with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and other futuristic devices the iPhone still stands out. The brand loyalty Apple commands is on another level.

Other companies have strong customer loyalty as well, but not on the same level as Apple. A Samsung user may jump to another brand quicker than an iPhone user will. There are reasons for that which we will not go over today.

But just know, Apple is under no pressure to rush a foldable iPhone to market.

Apple is known to take what other companies have done and arguably make it better.

Motorola and its Atrix 4G phone was the first mainstream phone with a fingerprint scanner. But, Apple introduced the iPhone 5S with Touch ID and shook up the smartphone market. After that every manufacturer rushed to release phones with fingerprint scanners.

This most likely is another reason why Apple is in no rush. They want to see what bugs, other companies have. It’s almost like free research and development. Let other companies mess up and struggle, and then make a device using what they learned.

Let’s be honest, most iPhone customers aren’t worried about being at the forefront of tech. For example, my wife barely updates her apps, or used many new features on her iPhone 13 Pro. Her phone before this one was an iPhone XR. Before that it was an iPhone 7 Plus.

A lot of iPhone users just want a phone that works. They aren’t necessarily focused on super futuristic technology like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Android users have always been more technology focused.

All in all it seems like, at least to me, that Apple will continue to take its time. The company knows they will still smell millions of iPhones. The company knows iPhones will continue being rated as some of the best devices on the market. So there really is no rush to release a folding iPhone.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments of you think these reasons make sense. Let me know, if you are an iPhone used, would you like an iPhone that folds? Make sure you like, subscribe, and share this episode. Have a good one.



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