December 12

Today, Aqilah passed away. Trust me when I say I’m pretty angry with god right now. I begged him not to let her leave yet but he has other plans for her. -


Went to Leisure after a few months of not going there. I thought it would be a good way to keep my mind of her but I still ended up doing so. And not being able to talk about it with anyone is just UGH.

I tried to talk about it with Han, but when I got to the point about she just left hours ago, I choked on my words. And explaining about how I didn’t go home last night was such a bother.

I felt bad that I did not reply Dan yesternight so I decided to update him. His warm words comforted me and I think he made me feel better.

Aika knew I was stressed up and tried to talk to me. Well, at first he was talking about my old friends but then he got to the point whether I’d date one of his friend. I told him I am terribly in love with Nathan despite knowing he couldn’t accept my feelings. He told me that I should tell him how I feel and said that Nathan might have just been using me.

The fact that I know that, and the fact that he’s like the 10th person to say that just angered me a little. I guess the truth always hurts.

Nathan got injured and he might have fucked up his wrist. I hope he’s okay. -

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