December 25

Last night I had the weirdest dream ever.

Maybe its “Hobbit” related????

I dreamt that my friends (le mavs) were killed. Like legit. I remember bits of pieces of murder and suicide. It was the most horrific dream.

The only ones who survived was Filzah, Hariz and me.

I couldn’t recall much but things that I remember appearing was

  • someone being murdered in a car (I hark back to slashing scenes)
  • I was in blood and looking for a camera in the car after the killing
  • someone kept on telling me to press one of the buttons of something??

But most clearly, I remember Hariz holding my hand and saying “Everything will be alright”.

No doubt, that part confuses and concern me more than the thriller itself.

“Akesh is dead isn’t he?” That was (definitely) the last thing I said. -

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