November 23

I don’t know what happened. It felt as if it was my fault but I really don’t understand what I did that made you give up. Even if there was something that I did that was awful to you, the least you could do is tell me right? I thought you were different? You said you were, remember. How could you do this? How could you just say that you don’t want to do this and leave me when I still need you?

If you said that how I treated you is how you treated her, you should understand how sad it is to feel under appreciated and confused shouldn’t you? You should understand how much effort I put in and how much I went out of my comfort zone just to compromise and be in hopes to be good enough shouldn’t you?

I tried to fix you but you ended up breaking me.

I know I said I wouldn’t give up. But why should I wait for someone who could leave me just like that? I don’t think I could trust you anymore. You broke that and I don’t give second chances especially to people who lies about their feelings.

Is it because she’s back? Did you tremble upon your stand just because she’s finally here? What happened to “I’m not going back to her”?

Well, I’m thankful at least it happened before I really wanted to be yours. -