November 29

I really can’t be bothered with SSM because it seems utterly ridiculous to be shouted at and being scolded when you’re unsure of something. Aren’t we suppose to ask if we don’t understand???? Ugh


Common Man Coffee Roasters

I met up with Nathan for a late lunch @ a cafe.

It was quite a distant from Clarke Quay but pretty satisfied over the fact we at least found it.

He had the Common Burger while I had Turkish Breakfast. Mine wasn’t that great.

After we’re done, we took a long walk to the F1 Village for my run.

I’m really really thankful of him for sending me all the way and not complaining one bit.


Said my goodbyes to him and met up with the rest.

Illumi had a good atmosphere but if the music was a little louder, it would have been better.

The after-party DJ was a disappointment with awful mixes tho. But totally loved the idea of getting to spend the rest of the night with my girls. –

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