Not having sound ground truth data will result in half working classification model like the one in the video (side note/plugin — Silicon Valley is a genius show). So what is labeling? why is it important? and what is the best way to solve for it? These are the topics that will be discussed in this blog.

Data labeling is the most critical step in processing data in almost all supervised learning functions. Most people see labeling as just classifying images, but the reality is that, labeling is applicable across many functions such as image recognition, speech recognition, video…

There is a lot of discussion around AI and its related technologies. There certainly is information overload around artificial intelligence, however one thing that stands out is that despite of all the available information, several business leaders seem to have a lack off understanding around AI.

Several misconceptions around what artificial intelligence is, what existing technologies can do, where it is applicable, and most importantly knowing the differences between RPA, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics and more. …

Often times we read articles about how a fortune 500 company has embarked on a multi-million dollar Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy. Very rarely do we ever hear how successful any firm has been in their chosen AI strategy. It is well known that vast number of AI or deep learning projects are bound to fail for various reasons ranging from unrealistic expectations from leadership to not having the right workforce to plan and execute on an agreed approach.

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