Little More Than You Never Expected

She is little
more than you never expected
to find underneath the sheets
of paper and notes and thoughts
that think
sing the words that move
your hips and swing the beat
to jive across the country
the world
that you have never
dreamed beyond the sky
to the stars that
burn a
lot of fuel
for her fire
try harder to wonder
where and when
try harder to ask the questions that
she won’t answer
the questions
what if
you understood
the elements of her
make up is for the
made up
fake it till you
wake up and open your
mind to the possibility of
could happen
to you
with her
within her
heart she knows that your
mind will catch up
one day to begin the
race to the finish
your thought before she
finishes you off
into understanding
that she is more than you never expected