I am! This was meant to be tongue in cheek… I found myself punctuating oddly and couldn’t figure…
Zelda Pinwheel

a what …? Just when I thought I’d could cope with anything this world has to offer, you hit me with self-referential sentences.

I am not a ‘writer,’ you see; merely a cosmic observer. My messages are sent to you via a highly polished stainless steel, cigar-shaped transporter floating in semi-permanent orbit over the Aegean Sea. I have no explanation, Kim, as to why or how I ended up at this location but have became habituated to the charming view it provides.

That and the fact I am lazy and short on fuel. I’ve sent out a lot of messages to earthlings in Europe but it has been discouraging overall. The French are rude and their porno quite 2nd rate compared to my planet.

You, on the other hand, are obviously ‘one of us,’ which is gratifying.

good night now,

ned — Interplanetary Seeker 1st Class (in training)

P.S.: Do you know Sigmund Freud’s last words? “This is absurd.” (for real, Kim, that is what he said.)
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