Ok, replace hilarious with genius/astute/vividly insightful.
Jason Horton

Ah, the cancer cliche, how right you are. It just popped into my mind given the fact I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer … which was the most ‘serious’ thing I could come up with aside from world over population and the history of the Vatican.

I do sincerely appreciate your overall response. It is odd, I have to say, that some little thing I just threw off with no thought at all has resulted in hundreds of likes. Whereas when I’ve shared secrets of the Universe, well, nothing! It is clearly the way of this frail dimension.

I am not a writer per se; more a high-end hermit self-assigned to a 200 ac. private residential retreat in the Ozark Mountains. This valley became my home 10 years ago when I abandon the Big City and came in search of silence. Amazingly enough, I found it and have come to appreciate the realization that privacy, like truth, is a great and rapidly diminishing treasure.

stay well, ned