Bleed Me If You Love Me
Ned Rollo


ah, good, thanks for the info.

… I don’t know if they still run the blood / plasma program at Angola (Louisiana State Pen). Such things were simply a part of that overall nightmare scene. In truth I am not adverse to ‘giving blood’; it was not a process I had to undergo because I had support from the free world. Your remark only flipped the switch on a single slice of memory.

Perhaps I might strive to balance things; to share a positive memory that came with the ‘blood line’ event. It will provide a quick view into the dark humor that allows people to endure in hell. An invaluable tool, my good Tamyka.

On those days when perhaps 40 men would be standing sullenly awaiting entry to the blood letting room (as it was refereed to), suddenly out of no where someone would scream “BANG!!” and every single man would fall over “dead,” crumpled into a line of wounded, withering gunshot victims.

Then everyone would break into uproarious laughter! “You sure do die good!!!”