You’re not the problem.
Justin W. Collier

Howdtm Justin, did you by chance intend to send this note to someone else? if so, no problem: the points are all valid in my view. but don't get me started on ‘governmental integrity’ and such …

I can say that each generation is burdened with some major weight, be it economic or political or patriotism. Today physical slavery was replaced with financial slavery / debt. The masks may change per 10 year segments but the face underneath is always the same! Greed; abuse; power and control.

On last thought: I am 73 and plan to get off this train in a few years; that’s my best analogy. My world view from this point on the mountain side is to seek beauty where ever you can find it, pay the price it demands and focus your every waking hour on acquisition of privacy, usefulness and quality of life.

For what it is worth, that’s MY rant! ned