Yuppppp. This is what I’ve been worried about for awhile now.
Cheryl Walker


Perhaps many of you bright, articulate, well intended writers are, well ……. young. And if so still in hope of rational, logic-based political and social remedies. If so, don’t despair; if you live long enough you’ll grow out of it.

If this applies to you I respectfully suggest you focus on a few basic issues. Donald Trump is insane; straight up. And he’s evil; to the core. Above all, he is totally incompetent and acutely diabolical. In street terms, he’s as dangerous as seven car loads of mother-fuckers.

THAT is what we are all faced with … that’s the CAKE. Everything else is icing (along with candles and ornamentation) which includes the fact that politics in and of itself is pure shit. So running about ‘engaged’ in the ‘process’ is much like drawing your sword and stepping off into quicksand. The harder, more aggressively, you fight, the faster you sink. That’s how it works, sisters and brothers. It’s reality on reality’s terms.

Our country is in an up-front, do-or-die crisis mode no less lethal than a potential nuclear holocaust. The ramifications of a Trump presidency are literally incomprehensible. Are you listening? That is ALL we need to be concerned with. And the remedy is equally direct: get off your ass and VOTE! Stop sniveling, crease the cute “I am great writer” jive, focus your creative attention span, and meditate on the question of “Now What??”

All the words in the world are meaningless at this point: the dye is cast. Dickhead Trump has the nomination and his zombies are calling for Clinton’s execution. Yes, her death! Just chew on that awhile.

There is no, I mean zero, means by which to influence the void in which Trump supports exist. Why? Because, as you know, if Trump’s own words and actions have not brought these people to attention, nothing else will. And it frightens and shocks the gorilla snot out of us all!! How can this be: how can it possibly BE?

The remedy: VOTE … that’s it … collect your friends, smoke a joint or two and have a voting party … order pizza and go vote for H. Clinton. Create a carpool, hire a van, pile in the bed of a pickup truck … just get it done, I beg of you.