Thank you. Really.
Zelda Pinwheel


What!?!? well, happy birthday, my dear! AND 4 thousand? christ now you will never sleep and will not be able to focus on anything because of all the mental messages you’ve yet to create!! not cool, kiddo. our correspondence will be down to one worders … maybe two: “hello, goodbye.”

does this mean you are famous? can I tell people I knew you when? are you going to start wearing fur? now, don't get the BIG HEAD here, Kim. after all there are 7.5 billion people alive today … you still have aways to go. it will take another six months to hit 4 million.

don’t get tooooooooo distracted, stay out of the rain, look both ways, chew your gum with your mouth closed, test your bath water before you just jump in, and put your shorts on one leg at a time. and don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed!!!

your number 1 fanboy, ned