You will always want to quit
Jon Westenberg 🌈

“Wanting to quit just means you still have doubts about yourself.”

Maybe, depending on the arena in which you function. In some cases one may wish to quit because they are actually damn near perfect but lack adequate opportunity for application of their vision and skills. In my case, it is human service … and I know what to do, if I am simply granted the ability to do it. Fifty years, that’s 600 full moons, I have been ready to ‘do good’ in the perverted world of human captivity … but there is no holistic form of delivery process, no quality control, no will to render factual service. If you walked into the Federal Bureau of Prisons in DC and offered a viable means of reducing repeat crime by 50% they would not take it. In fact, they would not read it!! No charge; here, it free, an act of love for the community … nope, no good. They don’t care.

My world of professional engagement is irrevocably flawed from the inside out. Rotten to the core. If you had all the resources in the world at your finger tips and your objective was to take a problem and render it 500 times worse than when you started, the human punishment industry is right up your alley.

Consider this: if you had the cure for cancer tonight, what in the hell would you do with it?? Seriously! Any and every major aspect of medical and social science is grounded in political bull shit. It really is. Zero ethics, zero commitment, or follow through. Just TALK. So if any of the 1.6 million persons locked in cages in the country this night exits back into the world a better human being it is strictly because they beat the system!!

So, no, you can quit because your goals and.or ambitions are simply beyond attainment. You might define it as a broken heart.


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