Dear Ned Rollo. You are the best. Your post was brilliant and I think I love you
Dina Glasser

It’s just not her fault!!!

well thank ya, Dina, we all need love, some more than others, so I appreciate your kind regards. The really odd aspect of the original comment you responded to is that I mean it; it was not said for ‘effect.’ Nor did I seek to be slick or smooth. It was a sincere observation.

Even in prisons there is a pecking order which delineates decent men from bottom feeders. An inmate’s survival is dependent on how accurately she or he learns to differentiate the two and how quickly one ’learns to duck.’

Since my captivity in the 60’s, I’ve worked with around 40,000 cons and ex-cons from 1979 to the present … I share this with you only to offer a basis of my collective opinion.

Bottom line: I know so little about women … but much about men. And in relation to Trump, I would not bother to piss on him if he was on fire.

Crude? Yes, no doubt. And I do not mean to be offensive. I am just pretty direct across the board. Trump, in my view, represents every known social, cultural, ethical, spiritual and political ill one might conceive. I've know dens of pirates, real pirates, whose word I’d accept and trust based on mutual respect. But Trump is unworthy of even the slightest form of trust; he is, metaphorically speaking, dog feces one discovers on their shoe after walking a new puppy in the park! As when you get on the elevator and just as the doors close, WHAM it hits you like a trash truck!! That is Donald Trump.

Let me know what you are up to!!