Do you know, just yesterday, gf called me outside to try and catch a bird — a tiny grey thing —…
Zelda Pinwheel

you are ahead if me (the seasonal changes); August is the hottest month going into late Sept. — — then cool. By Oct. all is sweet, leaves down, hawks screeching down the valley.

The world here really SHIFTS the night of the very first freeze. The woods go fully silent, where as they have been full of sounds all summer. It is a really radical transition … the silence. Dead quiet. So quiet but for the owls and the ‘whoff whiffs’ — a snorting sound made by white tail deer in the darkness signaling to one another … ‘danger.’

Kim, I can still feel the life leaving that little critter; twitching, departing. I knew exactly when it left. I don’t like it! You are a bit more pragmatic than me (not sure why I say that). Have been going more and more Buddhist I can see over the past 5 to 7 years. Not that life is sacred; only that it should be treated with respect, as I somehow know you understand.

Planning a full scale burn this fall … the total place. It is said to have a very positive impact on wildlife; add nitrogen and permits the sun to get in, so nx spring all will be super green.

yes, real rest … ned

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