Hi again, Ned!
Yu-ping Vickie Wang

Yu-ping, thank you!! I really appreciate your thoughts on all this. And I’m glad you have a function which, hopefully, grants fulfillment and puts your talents to good use. I get the impression Shanghai is a very energized urban and cultural environment.

I exist, by my own design, in a remote 200 acre valley — — a silent, private sanctuary carved out of a geologically ancient range of hills known as the “Ozark Mountains” in the south central US. This place suits my Buddhist inclinations.

I abandon the Big City 12 years ago and actually fear what might happen to my collective psyche should I drive back into the rush hour of a major city. I think I’d just pull off the road and cry! Silence is addictive and the last time I went ‘to town’ I could not sleep for the hummmm and sirens and dogs barking in the neighborhood. Only in a world of absolute quiet (aside from the sounds of nature) does one come into direct contact with the ‘noises the mind makes.’ All the internal dialogue! It really takes some getting used to.

What is your world like there? I’d like to know. Take care, ned