Next Wednesday, November 14th, I’m turning 30. I would like to ask that anyone who’d like to do something special in my honor to not purchase any gifts, but instead donate to Causa Justa on my behalf. I’ve donated 3,000 (1k for every decade I’ve survived, and yes I mean SURVIVED.)

Causa Justa is an Oakland-based organization fighting for housing rights, immigration rights, and racial equality on behalf of Latinx communities in Oakland, CA. …

The scars on my left wrist are faint. But I always feel them there. A reminder of my own mortality and the fragility of my mental home.

How with one too many drinks or one dark thought my reality can be shifted to a inescapable place of pain and heartache.

Pain has always had a home in me. And it likely always will. It lays dormant on days when I am much too busy to acknowledge its plea. Begging me to indulge in its truth.

To scratch it’s belly and to stroke it’s spine.

It curls up at my feet while I attend to my routine. Sometimes I might forget it’s there but it’s hair is no less tangled or matted than it was four, five months ago. …


Julie Ann Horvath

Designer who codes. Friendly neighborhood Feminist. I write corny poetry about my life now. And not about technology.

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