And suddenly I want to talk to @nrrrdcore about all of the CSS things.
SJ Pratt

OMG killed it with the Nicki gif 🙌 (!!!) Ok, SO I really love CSS so I’m kinda generally anti-abstracting it into another language on top of React. I think using “className=” and just writing CSS in our /SCSS directory to style components has worked super nicely so far, especially with reactive (heh) or dynamic state changes. Me and Grace and/or Mark can contribute to building a feature fairly equally (me on CSS and them on React). But, I’m hella interested in your thoughts around this. How are you feeling about these libraries? I would actually really love to show you some things I’ve run into lately, I’ve also been thinking a ton about how we should do product development and whether it should be design or backend-first and how choosing one of these or going back and forth between them will affect the tooling we use (and feel good about using). I feel like with design-first mindset or flow CSS is more efficient and with backend-first one these libraries would be more empowering for devs and allow them to move way faster.

I think my biggest concern with abstracting CSS in the longterm, though, is putting up a barrier between designers and writing code. It seems super useful for the programming side of things, like if I was just building something, hell yeah. But iterating on designs seem complicated with some of these libs. I feel like there’s gotta be a balance, maybe there’s one to strike between using the libs and then CSS for the high-level stuff like you mentioned you were doing for theming? But obviously we’re always super down to try new things. I’d actually love to mess around with one of these libraries during our next hack week or something.