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Haven’t even started reading this yet, but thank-you-in-advance, Katie Baker! i love tales of the Ewing-era Knicks: the last time i could be mildly proud of my home team…

Wise: I was convinced that if Michael Jordan was ever going to be beaten by an Eastern Conference team in his heyday, in his prime, that was going to be it.

soh: me, too, mike…me, too. We were sabotaged; i always have known it was bullshit for them to suspend Patrick!

Hardaway: I hate them with all the hate that you can hate with. Can you hate more than that? If you can, I hate them more than that.

soh: We talkin’ Knicks or gays, Tim?

Wise: All we could think was, ‘They wouldn’t suspend Patrick Ewing.’

soh: [buries head in hands]….and the conspiracy theory is that the NBA tries to HELP the Knicks? Fuck all you non-New Yorkers, for real…THEY WOULDN’T HAVE SUSPENDED MJ!

look at these people’s faces, lol. The spite, the malice. The hatred. None of that’s changed…

Get Krs-6 a competent point guard, dammit! i don’t want our best young player since Patrick suffering stunted development (he’ll just suffer PTSD from being on such an explosively shitty team)…


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