We love to talk about how LeBron faces social media criticism every day — and he has his whole…
Brandon Anderson

i gotta respectfully disagree with Vikings Fan & assert that the book did not “damn [MJ’s] character,” so much as present him for who he really was — warts and all. Back in 1991, that hadn’t really been done all that much (yet) on a national stage.

i don’t necessarily disagree that the book’s effect was a potential bombshell to team chemistry, MJ’s morale (he DID retire just two years after he started receiving the levels of scrutiny that this book established, so to assume he’d be “fine” today might be debatable, too), or winning the next two championships, though. Credit is due to MJ for not letting it stop him.

now, if a book came out that the Warriors have secretly all along been exactly like Shea Serrano “assigned” them to be next season, then…lol