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Are the Warriors actually bad for basketball? Of course not. I’m one of those idiots who takes sports too seriously and argues that basketball is an art form, and having beautiful art in the world can only be a good thing.

Mark Titus & soh are kindred spirits about our basketball-viewing, apparently. i’m a basketball decadent — the Warriors are the most decadently entertaining-to-watch team i’ve ever seen.

seeing the incredible sequences of passing that the Warriors frequently string together, or even just some of the crazier individual passes that Iggy pulls off (or especially Iggy stripping shooters as they go up), or seeing that Eff-You Shot $teph hit from 3 on Kevin love in the 2nd quarter of Game 3…those moments of sublimity are what a basketball decadent watches NBA games for!

& so, Mark Titus, of course people are trying to say that the best team of Decadent players we’ve ever gotten to witness are bad for the game, because “people” are the fucking worst…