I thought Curry really became Curry in the Warriors postseason series against the Clippers a few…
Brandon Anderson

nah, i felt like Curry became Curry in that 2013 season.

That 2014 series you reference was revelatory to me in the sense that i realized Draymond could function effectively as a power forward against superstar-level talent on the block. Watching Mark Jax try to cobble together lineups around Jermaine friggin’ O’neal’s 38 year old body, i realized that their defense seemed to solidify every time Dray was guarding Blake for extended periods of time.

i still don’t understand what there was for people to hate on about this team pre-KD signing…apart from the paradigm-shift that Dray (small ball), Klay (jump-shooting teams don’t win chips!), and $teph (one-man basketball revolution) represented.

…haters hate change, i guess…

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