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Curry puts up 36 points with same rote mastery that you possess with your remote browsing Netflix. Dude is bored, and so are we.

$teph definitely combats boredom out there, but i, for one am never bored when he’s out there. i get your point, though — loads of “Curry-Truthers” and superteam-haters are howling about their “boredom” with the dominance/inevitability of Warriors/Cavs.

$teph has reached a level where it is incumbent on the player to set the challenges before him.

i like to think of this as the Larry-Bird-telling-his-opponent-where-he’s-shooting-the-game-winner-from-and-still-making-it-level…or, to put it (slightly) more succinctly, the Kobe-hero-ball-level.

Kobe made the game of basketball as difficult as he could for himself because he needed to be pushed. Curry makes things unnecessarily difficult just to keep things from growing stale. So, yes, he’s bored, and so are we. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that he’s putting together the greatest postseason package of his career.

glad i’m not the only person who’s been noting the similarity(ies?) between these two basketball savants…

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