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Strauss once asked Thompson why, even after a great game, he tried to duck the media give-and-take. Thompson’s head sunk. “I’m not good at it,” he said.

yeaaaa…i’ve always gotten that impression about Klay, that he perceives himself as not being “good” at this front-n-center, white-hot lights pointed at him, kinda thing…maybe it’s insecurity about the looks that got him in Concepcion’s article about NBA players who look like avatars or whatever…

whatever, that’s not what’s important; what’s important is that Klay himself realizes that he’s “not good at it [being the “face of the team”],” and is probably never going to be tempted to consider leaving $teph’s side for “greener pastures” where he’ll get more shine.

it appears Klay understands that the most desirable shine to be had (for him) is the residual shine of playing on a winning team. Smart man.

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