Converting isolated blogs into a book.

It was not easy to convert ‘Stand alone’ blogs into a cogent narrative. It takes a lot of effort to weave blogs into a book maintaining continuity.

Blogs are like an assortment of flowers. You can make them into a bouquet, a mere compendium of unconnected events and thoughts, a medley of tunes.

But writing a book is different. It is like stringing a garland of flowers. Skillful balance and organization are required. A book is a symphony with a common theme and underlying unity.

It was not easy for me to weave my blogs from the Facebook site “Humor In And Out Of Uniform” (HIAOOU) into the book ‘My ships sailed the seas but I stayed ashore.’ I feel there are passages which can still be improved.

One can seek professional help from freelance editors. I did just that. I took the help of a lady editor, whom I have acknowledged. She did not rewrite passages. She just reorganized the narrative and cut out flab!

Writing a book is an interesting, occasionally enjoyable and often frustrating experience.

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