Don’t be sad after losing someone

God puts people in your life for reason and then remove them for better reason. So don’t be sad after losing someone. People come and go in your life. They don’t hurt you but the expectations associated with them hurt you a lot when those were not fulfilled. Those people who love and help others without expectations always become happy. Always try to find happiness from every respect of life. We should realize thin thing that’s things don’t matter but persons and relations with them matters a lot. Their thinking and judgment about matters a lot. So, don’t give them chance to think negative about you. Smile is the best gift which we can give to others. When you talk others with smile it shows your mannerism, beauty, your respect and acceptance for others.

When we lose our significant others from our life, we ignore this thing that where God deprive you from one person, there is reason behind it and on the other hand He gives you a lot of blessings as an alternative. No doubt God is ever best decision maker. Just put on your life decisions on God and then see your life become satisfactory